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Commercial Remodeling

Commercial Remodeling. Tech 24 Construction completes the impossible renovation jobs in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. that other General Contractors do not want to do. Our team of in-house tradesmen will work tirelessly to complete demanding renovations. Working around the clock 24 hours a day 7 days a week or closing a facility for a night and re-opening it for business in the morning is the norm here.

Whether the job takes one night or one-year Tech 24 Construction is a commercial renovation contractor that approaches each project with the same attitude – finish on time and on budget to the highest of standards. We manage every project with a project manager and on-site working superintendent, which is the key to successful fast-tracked renovations. With over 40,000 SF of warehouse space throughout VA, we have the ability to prepare beyond our expectations.

Our team will analyze the pre-construction plan, order all materials, and set a rock-solid game plan together before your business remodeling project starts. This in turn will allow us to hit the ground running with no interference from material procurement and unexpected hitches in the plans.

In-Place Commercial Remodeling

Below is a list of aspects that are considered when planning for an In-Place Commercial Remodeling:

  • Pre Construction Planning
  • Communication of activities
  • Designated Liaison
  • Phasing of work
  • Flexibility to meet changing requirements
  • Noise, Dust, & Odor Control
  • Help Desk
  • Safety
  • Controlling environment (lockdown of spaces under construction)
  • Pathways for workers and for Tenant staff
  • Material Storage
  • Stocking of Materials
  • Job site Trash Removal
  • Security
  • Worker Identification
  • Limiting moves of staff
  • The efficiency of work for GC and Tenant
  • Keeping business at top level of performance
  • Procurement of Materials
  • Coordinating of larger shutdowns (Sprinkler drain downs, HVAC)
  • The transition of new and old finishes

Breathing New Life into Business Properties through Commercial Remodeling and Renovation


Because planning is everything, we begin every project by designing and analyzing the renovation plan. This gives us a chance to become familiar with our clients’ needs, so we know how to best fulfill them. In addition, we get an idea about how much of everything is required. We rely on a designated liaison person for communicating all activities, so that you’re aware at all times of what phase of work your project is in. Rest assured that even if the requirements change over time, we display the necessary flexibility to finish the project on time.

Upon doing so, we proceed to order the materials from trustworthy suppliers who do not only deliver them on time but also at very competitive prices. This way, we ensure that none of our clients pay more than the materials are worth. As with any other aspect of our business, we handle the procurement, stocking, storage of materials, and job site trash removal with nothing less than extreme professionalism.

With a renovation plan and all the required materials at hand, we proceed to set a game plan before the project starts. At the end of this stage, everyone will know exactly what role to play in the grand scheme of things. Since Tech 24 Construction is a commercial general contractor, we select and deploy the best contractors for commercial renovation, local renovation contractors, and remodeling contractors available. As you can see in our portfolio, the combined result can sometimes be breathtaking! Click here to see our construction services.

Safety is a common denominator for everyone involved, and the first step towards that is to control the environment. We lock down the spaces under construction, design pathways for workers and tenant staff, limit staff movement, and ensure noise, dust, and odor control. Another aspect of access control is worker identification, something that we enforce for better security. Larger shutdowns such as sprinkler drain downs or HVAC have never posed a challenge to us, as we are experts at coordinating them.

We invite all business owners and property managers located in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C., who are looking for commercial remodeling contractors to get in touch with us! Our offices are conveniently located at 5256 Eisenhower Ave, Alexandria, VA 22304. We’re easy to reach by phone at 1-800-820-7194. You can also use social media, email, or the form on this page to contact us! We’ll gladly take on any challenge, and promise our renovations will breathe new life into any business location while keeping it at the top level of performance!

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