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Tech 24 Construction

TECH 24 CONSTRUCTION began in 1998 with the mission to provide a total service solution..

Since then, we have grown into one of the D.C. area’s leading commercial general contractors and remodelers.

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New Construction

As commercial general contractors, construction is our specialty and our reputation for excellence is well earned. Whether you’re looking to renovate an existing building, build out a blank space or construct an expansion, we’ll help you realize your new construction project from the early planning stages all the way to the last nail.

Tenant Build Out

Many people don’t realize the offices and stores they visit in large commercial buildings are often only a shell for the work that individual tenants put in. The tenants who move into these spaces are responsible for the development of the space into the store that you see. This includes interior walls, offices, decor and more. We offer professional tenant build out services and are experts at working in busy environments with tight spaces.

Remodeling & Renovations

While the location of a property might be ideal, the building on that plot might not be. You might not have to knock it down and build a new one; Tech 24 Construction has more than 120 expert tradesmen on staff that can help you transform an existing building into something new via remodeling and renovation.

Engineering Services

Engineering for a commercial construction project can be easy to overlook because of the experience required. Our staff of experts will be able to analyze and review the plans for your next build to ensure that all the pieces come together perfectly.

Phased Construction

Here at Tech 24 Construction we have completed a huge amount of remodels, renovations and new construction build-outs. During this time, we have had to operate under a variety of situations. Thanks to this work experience, you can count on us to be your commercial general contractor of choice for phased construction projects that take place with tight time constraints and many moving parts.

Pre-Construction Planning

One of the most unique aspects of Tech 24 Construction is how much importance we put on the planning portion of a construction project. We understand that proper execution begins with detailed pre-construction planning. This approach ensures that we complete our work as efficiently as possible.

Restaurant Construction

Planning is our greatest strength, and we can help you transform a blank tenant space or former office into a quality restaurant. Every kind of restaurant will have its own needs to accommodate its staff as well as its customers. No matter what kind of restaurant construction project you need, we can help you coordinate between yourself and the property owners or managers to ensure that your eatery can be ready for customers on day one.

Retail Construction

Whether you need an entirely new store to be built out from a blank space or to retool an existing space to fulfill your specific needs, Tech 24 Construction has the retail construction experts to create something that works for your needs.

Office Construction

Every industry has its standards and expectations for office spaces, some of which is purely aesthetic, but others are intrinsic to their given industry. Our office construction team is ready to help you configure your space to maximize productivity for employees and to optimize it for access, work flow and efficiency.

Multifamily Construction

Apartment buildings, condominiums, duplexes and other multi-family buildings need to be built to appeal to potential occupants and ensure income for the owner. The master multifamily construction tradesmen at Tech 24 Construction can help you make something attractive, safe and profitable, or modernize older residential properties to meet and exceed the expectations of today’s housing market.

Brewery, Distillery, Winery & Cidery Construction

With the explosion of the craft alcohol market there is a rush of construction projects to serve consumers who have a taste for fine beer, wines, ciders and spirits. Tech 24 Construction is able to handle your most advanced brewery, distillery, winery & cidery construction needs.

Daycare & School Construction

The need for quality daycares and schools is at an all-time-high with more parents working longer hours. Tech 24 Construction is committed to helping families care for their children with our daycare & school construction services.

Commercial Construction

Large-scale construction projects take a lot of planning before any construction work can actually be done. Shopping centers, medical facilities and other highly specialized spaces are among our many capabilities.

Tech 24 Construction Is Ready to Serve You

Whether it’s a remodeling project, build-out, renovation or something else, TECH 24 CONSTRUCTION has the expertise and the experience on call to plan and complete any construction projects in your business’s future to your specifications and meet your budget. If you need a commercial general contractor,  you can contact us or call us now in order to get a job started or simply for a consultation. We can help you realize your project from start to finish.


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