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Tech 24 has completed thousands of jobs including renovations, new construction, tenant build outs and phased renovation work in occupied spaces. Tech 24’s project team understands the intricacies of coordinating everything from the delivery of drywall to the relocating of IT systems under full capacity load. In addition to pricing phased construction, the mobilization on a phased occupied site requires a more nimble project team. Teams on these projects are nomads, moving with the project from completed area to completed area. This nomadic existence creates logistical barriers that need to be overcome such as location of storage space, connection to power and communications facilities, and even the more mundane issue of locating trash removal activities. All of these items need to be in the daily planning of the project to minimize the impact of the project on the tenants. Tech 24’s superintendents are experts in providing sensitive solutions to their client’s needs regarding occupied construction. Tech 24 Construction coordinates egress issues to maintain requirements, provides dust and noise barriers for occupied spaces, and provides reporting to the occupied tenants as often as required to maintain proper information on the project progress. Our dedicated team of pre-construction staff will provide the framework to plan the construction phases and provide an efficient and collaborative plan for completing the work


Mussell Bar & Grill

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The Dulles Halstead Clubhouse

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