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how to restaurant remodel

As any restaurant owner knows, the dining industry is dynamic and ever-changing, like a living, breathing being that has a mind of its own. Trying to stay on top of it can sometimes feel like a challenge, but a skilled restaurateur can navigate the territory with strategies that involve things like creating a thoughtful menu, carefully molding the ambiance, and designing an interior that customers will talk about as much as the food.

However, even if you have created a thriving restaurant that hits all those marks, that doesn’t mean you can just stop there and go into coasting mode. Your restaurant has to stay relevant and up to date in the constantly changing industry. A failure to keep up with the times means that your business may fade quickly into the past, unable to stay at the front of the pack as new restaurants emerge.

Restaurant remodeling is the key to keeping your business at the top of your customers’ list of favorites, preventing you from being bumped off by a restaurant with a more up-to-date design. Many business owners balk a bit at the thought of remodeling an interior that doesn’t necessarily have anything “wrong” with it, which is understandable. A project such as a renovation can be a significant financial investment, and you may find yourself weighing your options between renovating and trying to make less expensive improvements in other ways.

how to remodel a restaurant

However, a renovation is one of the smartest investments you can make. With a powerful return on investment, a redesign will result in a positive rise in your business, prompted by the increased buzz among new and returning customers. Think about it from a diner’s perspective: would you rather go to the same old restaurant that hasn’t updated its style in many years or another favorite of yours that has a newly freshened look? As you probably already know, dining in a restaurant is an experience that involves more than just the food – so shape the experience wisely.

At Tech 24 Construction, our commercial construction and remodeling experience has allowed us to build a valuable level of knowledge and expertise. As industry leaders, it is important to us that we share this information with a number of people, informing the entrepreneurial community one step at a time. Here are the top 5 things that we think are most important for any restaurant owner to know before diving into the renovation process.

  1. Projecting your budget should involve what you want to spend, as well as the absolute maximum you can spend. One of the most common questions we get from clients is, “How much does it cost to remodel a restaurant?” The good news is, as the business owner, you have the control over deciding how much you want to invest. However, with any construction project, unexpected costs can sometimes arise. So, you should establish two different numbers: the amount of money that you want to spend (provide this to your contractor), and then your “backup” number that you know you absolutely cannot exceed.
  2. Take input from your customers. Your customers are your best way to have a finger on the pulse of what needs to be changed about your business, so don’t be afraid to ask them for their opinions. Also, ask them about other favorite restaurants of theirs, and what exactly they love about them – it might give you a few ideas for your own remodel.
  3. Plan to remodel at a time that makes sense. If you know that the summer is your busy season, plan to have the remodel finished shortly before then, so you can maximize the flow of new business. You want to avoid being closed during your peak season, so coordinate the work accordingly.
  4. Seize the opportunity to make your restaurant relevant and the talk of the town. A remodel is your chance to rebrand your restaurant, keeping it at the top of the list in terms of relevancy. Consider visiting restaurants in your area that are known for their distinct designs, and take note of the way an interior can shape your overall experience. Ask yourself what kind of “feel” you want your restaurant to have, and share these ideas with your contractor. A good contractor can help make your vision come to life.
  5. Don’t forget to market the remodel to get the word out. Make sure that you advertise the brand-new facelift your restaurant is getting with the goal of generating excitement and anticipation. Consider making use of tools such as social media to maximize the conversation, and plan a grand re-opening to make it a big (money-generating) event.

Tech 24 Construction has extensive experience in restaurant remodeling, giving each client an updated look that generated plenty of buzz to drive in new and returning customers. Restaurants in DMV that are our clients include Taco Bamba and Dickey’s BBQ. To learn more about our remodeling work, and how you can take the first step towards breathing new life into your restaurant, contact us today.

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