5 Essential Features of a Great Office Space

5 Essential Features of a Great Office Space

5 Essential Features of a Great Office Space

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The way a workplace is designed affects numerous things, including the vibe and overall aesthetic. It can also play a huge role in the productivity, satisfaction, and engagement of your staff members. Ultimately, learning the signs of a great office space can lead to company success, whether you are building something new or renovating an existing space.

Sound Control

One of the essential features of a great office space is sound control. Your staff members need to be able to work in peace and to hear communication from others on the phone and in person. If you have cubicles, consider using material that muffles sound. Open concept offices should have desks spaced some distance apart.



Use lighting that is close to natural daylight if possible to promote productivity in your staff. Consider CFL bulbs to create that type of lighting without breaking the bank. Avoid fluorescent lighting wherever possible, as it can lead to headaches and migraines in many staff members. If possible, be sure there is lots of exposure to natural light as well, to help promote mental wellness.



Be sure you invest in an ergonomic design throughout your office. Make sure that desks, keyboard trays, and computer monitors are at recommended heights. You should also spend a little more on office chairs to be sure that your staff members can work comfortably. Focusing on this area keeps your employees motivated and also reduces the amount of sick time due to workplace injury.


Be Practical

When designing your office space, consider the role of each person. For example, it makes senses to put the fax machine, telephone, and ethernet hookups near the receptionist, since they are going to be the person who uses it most often. Employees who meet with clients should be given access to private meeting space if they do not have their own office. Review the role of each staff member and be sure you have designed the workspace to make doing their job as easy as possible.

Ultimately, the best way to get a location that is perfect for you is to hire a company that understands what makes a great office space. We at Tech 24 Construction have years of experience in the field, creating office spaces throughout the DC area. Visit us online to view past projects and then give us a call to arrange for your consultation.






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