What’s the Difference Between a Single-Family Home Vs Multifamily Home?

What’s the Difference Between a Single-Family Home Vs Multifamily Home?

What’s the Difference Between a Single-Family Home Vs Multifamily Home?

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Single-family homes and multifamily homes are two of the most popular real estate investment opportunities, and when working with single-home or multifamily renovation contractors, understanding the differences between the two is crucial.


A single family home is a freestanding structure that shares no common walls with another residence. Multifamily homes contain separate residential units within a single structure. A residential unit here is defined as a room or group of rooms intended for occupancy by a single family. The units can be adjacent either horizontally or vertically, and they typically share a heating system and public utilities such as water and sewage. Apartment buildings, condominium complexes, and duplexes are all considered multifamily homes.


Multifamily properties are usually owned for investment reasons, while single-family homes tend to be occupied by the owner of the property. Of course, the owner of a multifamily property may choose to live in one of the units while renting out the others to collect an income. Other options exist for multifamily properties, including mixed-use buildings that have space for both commercial use and residential occupancy within the same structure.


Constructing a multifamily building requires different considerations than when building a single family home because the owner needs to account for the needs of multiple families residing within a single building. In the planning stage, you must consider things like zoning issues, space for parking lots or access to public transportation, and any common areas that need to be incorporated into the building. The building site for a multifamily home is usually larger than that for a single family home, construction involves stronger materials, and landscaping is often integral to the building.


Utility construction is very different between the two types of buildings. Supporting systems like plumbing, heating, and air conditioning are larger in a multifamily building, and the maintenance and repair of these utilities require a different approach. Eco-friendly construction elements can also be incorporated into multifamily buildings in order to reduce the environmental impact of its occupants. Proper planning during the design stage for the types of supporting systems and amenities that will be included is crucial to the success of construction.

At Tech 24 Construction, our knowledgeable multifamily renovation contractors can design a comprehensive checklist for your project, from site selection all the way to furnishing the building. We also renovate existing multifamily buildings, updating or converting units to create beautiful modern properties. 

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